The Road Goes on Forever…

And the party never ends…lyrics from a great song by the even greater Robert Earl Keen. Life is always a journey, and I am realizing that the more we look at that journey as a marathon party, we can make the ride a lot more fun. We can also choose the people we want to party with when we realize that it’s our party and we can do what we want. Before that happens, we spend time and energy on believing we are on some scary rollercoaster we did not want to go on with any of these people in the cart. Now, a rollercoaster may be some folks idea of a party, so we can use that too.

Imagine each time the roller coaster stops, or everyone at the party wakes up from the night before, you can switch out the people on your cart or in your party. If you really feel that this is not your party or your ride, then you can be the one to exit and find another event or attraction with other people who feel more into your vibe. Rather than saying life is one big party, fun all the time, it is probably more like the rollercoaster because of the ups and downs, people screaming, fainting and exhilaration from fear and anticipation followed by relief of not dying and for some a feeling of accomplishment for riding the thing.

Where I am going with this, I suppose is that sometimes we all come to a point in our life when we decide that we are going to ride the rollercoaster on purpose, with joy, and make sure that our favorite humans are invited to our own party at the entire themepark of life. When the ride ends we can share the memories and feel the bonds created by our good times and the hard ones too. Feeling Philosophical and sentimental and excited for the new year’s Blessings.

Free 2b Sandy in 2020 and beyond!

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