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Sandra Crawford Racy


Shortly after completing a post-graduate degree as a working single mom, Sandra – also an only child – found herself undertaking the role of caregiver for her father, who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Throughout the treatment process, she learned as much as possible about every treatment and symptom, trying to advocate for the best possible care for her Dad. Not long after his passing Sandra came across an online article about medical marijuana, and experienced a feeling of frustration that this type of treatment was available in some states in America, but not in Texas.

Curious, Sandra began attending conferences in California, Oregon, and Colorado to learn from panels made up of legal, healthcare and business professionals, sports and entertainment figures, and others who believed in legalizing the healing powers of the cannabis plant. Sandra also worked with local groups in her area to host events and promote community awareness, education, and support legislation to end prohibition of hemp and cannabis.

Then her mother needed help… Although she was raised in a Dallas suburb, Sandra’s family had always vacationed in Southwest Arkansas. Eventually her parents retired near the Ouachita River. After her father passed, Sandra went to help her Mother, who could no longer live alone. With Arkansas passing the Medical Marijuana Amendment in 2016, the door opened for an idea of how to help people like Sandra’s parents, who might benefit from a safe, natural medicine that no one told them about. Sandra believes passionately in providing information and assistance to others who are curious about medical marijuana in Arkansas.

Email me: CountryRoadsCareLLC@gmail.com

In Honor of Soxy

And many thanks to Cali, Polly, Penny, Ladybug and Winky n Blinky

“Someday we will be in charge and make all the Pet medicines safe and natural!”

Email me: CountryRoadsCareLLC@gmail.com

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